Favorite Openings Over Time?

I like French Defence, but in Blitz games it is not easy to play. Leela Chess Zero changed from French to Caro-Kann in its learning process.

White: I played a lot queen's gambit because I was afraid of e4 c5 when I was a true beginner

Now I switched to e4 wich I enjoy a lot as a main weapon with the spanish opening. It is hard sometimes to convert but I learn a lot. The italian is simpler but I don't know

I am currently checking the english as well and starting to play it and perhaps adding the Réti to my repertoire. I will see

With black: Against e4 I played the french then the caro kann and a bit the alhekine. I let down the alhekine and from time to time I play this 2 openings that I like very much ^^

But what I find really strong is e4 E5 berlin defense + the sicilian. I go for classical sicilian (I tried dragon ... not so fan / schecnikov + khalash ... interesting but I do not feel the position / najdorf I should try it but I am a bit reluctant about it I do not know why ? Perhaps because it is the most played opening ??? IDK

I would like to try the Petrov as well

Against d4: I play the benoni but I feel it is an amazing weapon when you are in a must win situation but as a solid opening I am checking now. I will look for the slav meran or something else... I am trying new things ... Grunfeld ? KID ? Benko gambit ? ...

I really like the answer #12 from @Slugy. He expressed everyone's fears, hopes, and ambitions.

2 fists when i open white e4 & coli system, when i play black i defend e4 mainly with french & d4 with KID.

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