Favorite Openings Over Time?

So in the small time I played chess I began to have a liking towards my favorite openings and positions. When I first learned about the Sicilian the first variation I played OTB and a bit online was the hyper-accelerated dragon (it sounded cool and I liked the position). Later I started liking the Giuoco Piano and so on.

What are your favorite openings and why? Id like to know seeing how mostly everyone on this forum is more experienced than I am. Have an amazing morning/afternoon/evening!

The only opening that I have played since I began playing chess is the French defence

Dude French is so passive and boring. I don't get the chance very often, but Evan's Gambit !

The Italian game makes for an easy, relaxing game so I almost exclusively go for that, as black I either play the reverse London or the E6 Sicilian, makes for nice bishops and some tactics too

For some reason I prefer a bit more rational, classical systems with white (easier to keep at least some small advantage) and wilder with black (easier for white player to mess up). I also like having lots of diverse positions in my repertoire, since I think thats important for longterm progress. It makes shortterm hard though.

So with white I play the d3+c3 Italian, exchange French with Nf3+c4, exchange Caro-Kann with Bd3+Bf4. Against Sicilian I think that the only way to get reasonable position against competent opponents is open variation. Here my repertoire is a bit wilder and still isn't finished (and probably will never be). Against Najdorf and Classical I go Bg5, Kalashnikov I transpose to Sveshnikov if possible, against e6 Sicilians I am still undecided. In blitz I am quite fond of 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. d4 exd4 5. Ng5, even if it's objectively quite bad.

With black I play Taimanov Sicilian when I want a bit more safety and Classical Sicilian (with Kožul's suicide variation against Richter-Rauzer, Qb6 against Sozin and transpositions to Dragon against most other systems) when I feel a bit wilder. Against d4 I go for Nimzo+Ragozin (Ragozin with Vienna transposition when possible).

Surprisingly even though this repertoire is in theory quite theoretical (pun intended), practically I don't lose too many games in the opening, even though I don't know nearly enough theory.

When I started with chess I played mainly c3+d4 Italian (both Moller and Bd2) and Evans gambit, advance French and closed or Grand Prix Sicilian (first GP, then closed, which I used for quite some time). As I progressed my opponents got me into a lot of bad positions though, since probably the soundest of these systems is Evans gambit, and even this one can be a bit sketchy if you aren't careful. At some point I switched to King gambit and Nc3 French (with some sideline against Winnaver) before reaching my current repertoire.

Recently I was experimenting with slow d3 treatment of Ruy Lopez too, since it complements Italian nicely.

With black against e4 I started with e5, and then soon switched to Caro-Kann. Soon I realized that advance lines are simply to dangerous for my current knowledge, so I switched to Sicilians, where I at least have some counterplay guaranteed, even if I mess up a bit in the opening. First I experimented with Scheveningen, then with Najdorf and finally I reached my current repertoire.

Against d4 I used to play before reaching my current repertoire (roughly in this order) QGD, QGA, Slav (only for a short time), Nimzo+Benoni.

I think that following repertoire would be close to ideal for beginners:

White: c3 + d4 + Bd2 Italian, exchange French with c4, Caro-Kann Panov attack, Alapin Sicilian. I think isolated queen pawn positions are very important to learn early, additionally they have clear plans ("What do I do after I finished developing my pieces?" is practically never a questions) and lead to fun, open, attacking games.

Black: relatively mainline e4 e5 (sooner you learn how to handle all these poisonous little gambits the better) and 1. d4 d5, 2. c4 e6 (quite straightforward play and Carlsbad structure is quite useful to know). Though once my opponents started playing Nfe2+f3 queen gambit exchange competently I would switch to some other system against d4. Tarrasch often leads to IQP positions, so it may be a good alternative.

I wouldn't recommend French, since some lines are just to wild to handle, while in others it's very easy to suffer due to bad LSB and crampedness for a long time, if you aren't careful. On the other hand plans are very clear - just play c5 and f6, breaking up the white center.

@NoobBatter the french can be reliably played over 50% of the time as black. its not as dry or boring once you learn the theory

I like agressive as white, how ever passive at black

My fav openings: white: Scotch Gambit
Black: Owen defense or King Indian Attack

As I feel comfortable in tactical positions, I currently choose aggressive openings.
Scotch Gambit, Hyper Accelerated Dragon, and Noteboom.

As a child, so many decades ago, I choose the openings with the least amount of theory.
Bird's, Alekhine's, and Stonewall.