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  1. Forum
  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. False-positive cheating detected using DGT board + add. software

Hi guys, I heard the following. Someone had problems finding a matching opponent and he was told that his account was marked... A short research revealed that the usage of „chessguard“ software which automates the connection of the DGT board immediately is detected as „cheating“ because of the somewhat „automated“ mouse or automated inputting. It was quickly confirmed by lichess.

Don’t ask me technical details. Hope this is ok to post it here to clarify matters.

So is it ok to use the chessguard software with dgt board or not?

I wouldn't dare!

Did you use DGT board with chessguard ?

I guess for now it is safer to use acid chess app (DGT board with lichess), until we have an official answer (hopefully soon),
Although the app crashes sometimes for me :(

No, I do not own a DGT board.

Can we use a DGT board without chessguard?

no direct way to use DGT chess board ,
there are two ways only for now:
1. acid chess app for android:
- crashes sometimes
- needs Bluetooth capable board
2. chessguard ? - not clear if it is allowed on lichess

it's actually on dgt webpage together with lichess
as programs to use with dgt board, check this out:

It sais lichess supports DGT boards - would be nice to know how?

It sounds like someone on the lichess team needs more data about chessguard.

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