Excessive draw offers

What about only being able to offer draws when its your move so that only your time will be ticking down?

That's not the way draw offers traditionally work in chess, though. According to FIDE's Laws of Chess section "A player wishing to offer a draw shall do so after having made a move on the chessboard and before pressing his clock." With lichess's current interface, this is best approximated by offering the draw immediately after moving.

Theoretically, the interface could be amended to more closely approximate the FIDE rule by making it so that you must click the "offer draw" button on your turn, but the draw offer won't actually be made until you've completed your turn. But I don't think the feature could be implemented in a way that isn't terribly confusing.

An idee : If the moment offer draw is reported in the move notation and not only in tchat, it will be easier to report unappropriate
behavior ! With the actually system, when you look at the game after, you can't see when a bad player offer draw

Sure thing. It's a bad sportsmanship and there should be a penalty if it's done successively.

whenever I play a game, if I offer a draw on move 15, and my opponent declines it, I find that I cannot offer another one for another 10-15 moves.

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