Excessive draw offers

There is a top 50 horde player that whenever he sees his position is worse he offers draws multiples times during a game. Is it some kind of OTB trick? I think it is bad sportmanship, but who knows. Is this behavior worth reporting?

I would say they are signs of a bad player. Why? Only the Children in my Chessclub do that.
Just ignore it and don't even react. Thinking about it wasts time and getting emotional about it makes you think less about the position. Not worth reporting.

This behaviour is worth reporting, that is for sure!
Excessive draw offers are not allowed OTB as well - there is a FIDE-Rule about bothering the opponent.
While playing online, draw offers in bad/lost positions can be very distracting.
There is also a slight chance to misclick and to accept that draw - especially if one does not know that draw offer will get automatically rejected by just making a move.
Btw. I noticed that in tournaments draw offers cannot be "spammed". Once offered, the button is not available for a certain time.

@theTestoftheWest, @Funkmaus Thank you, reported him. Horde may be the less played Lichess variant, so almost every horde player here knows who I'm talking about. He even plays on the Horde World Championship, but this behavior continues. Don't know if someone already reported this in the past. May the Lichess moderators decide.

In over the board tournaments, you are only allowed to offer a draw during your turn while you still didn't press your clock.

lichess could limit the offers of draws. two times for bullet or blitz would be is fine in my opinion

I don't think there should be a limit to the number of draw offers per game, even in blitz. A very long game might well see three legitimate draw offers from the same player. Somebody spamming draw offers in bullet is probably shaving off precious seconds off his own clock to do it, so it's already punishable by simply playing on.


But that user is already losing so he loses nothing by offering the draws, meanwhile the player with the winning position can be affected by it.

Yes, draw offers should be limited. As far as I know per tournament rules, you aren't allowed to mentally annoy your opponent by excessive draw offers, instead annoy him with your game. If u can't u deserve to lose.

What I said was the limit shouldn't be a fixed number per game, like azuaga's proposed 2 per game. Because your only options are to set that number too high to have any real effect or else there will sometimes be cases where that number is too low. Sometimes even 1 draw offer is too many (if the player is getting crushed) and sometimes 3 might not be enough.

I have an idee ! If the program from lichess substract for example 10 s in a blitz to a player which offer draw, i thing it will limit the worry ! But, when you're winning on the board and have no time to finish the game, you should conserve the possibility to offer draw !
If you can't do a mistclick when you answer ok or not ok for draw, i thing, it will limit the problem too !