Eval says +24

You probably have to sacrifice some pieces to promote a pawn

That position isn't even legal, White has 3 rooks and 8 pawns. Besides, SF was made to be strong at playing chess, not at analyzing ridiculous positions that would never happen in a game. So it's not surprising that it doesn't understand.

Hi,position here is equal,white cannot win,unless black helps it. Engine evaluation is because you have extra material,but correct evaluation is 0.00

Interesting. Contempt setting doesn't seem to affect it. Additionally, Stockfish gets stuck in a loop when the depth reaches the point where draw by 50-move rule would take effect. But yes, the position is illegal so it is probably just undefined behavior.

@Nordlandia no it doesn't, an illegal position is undefined behavior. Just because it doesn't crash doesn't change that fact.
However you can make it legal by removing one rook and SF will still give a big White score. Why? Because Stockfish is made to maximize playing strength, not to maximize accuracy in even then unrealistic positions. You can most certainly construct more normal positions where SF will miss a tactical shot instead. However that is not the point, the point is that (prior to Leela anyway) Stockfish in straight up play beat any chess playing entity in the world. That's what it's made for.

Blatantly illegal - uninteresting BS

Same: making up cheap fortresses. A high constant number which doesn’t improve is no ounce better than a constant zero. Moreover: more than one move has exactly the same evaluation

There‘s simply no point whatsoever as far as chess is concerned.