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So I'm fairly new to chess, and I've never played OTB. The only chess etiquette I have picked up comes from watching Svidler/Van Wely stream. It seems they think it is disrespectful to decline draws in drawn positions and then try to flag. So I don't do that.

But apart from that I'm clueless. I've seen people say that not accepting rematches can be rude. Is that true? Any other advice is appreciated.

I often decline a rematch, because I often just play a single game waiting for some code to compile, a database query to be run, or some test files to execute. By the time the game is done, I can continue with work.

I also don't like to play a rematch with someone who offers a draw with a queen and two rooks down, or wants to continue playing with his lone king against an army till checkmate when there's still plenty of time on the clock, and no reasonable chance for stalemate.

I don't think it's rude to decline draws and try to flag. Time management is part of the game, so taking advantage of better use of time is fair.

here's some sage advice from a veteran internet player: whatever code of etiquette you try to adopt, people WILL be offended. just do what allows you to live in peace with yourself..

i mean, i've seen some people that think even offering a rematch is direspectful! how can you play around THAT?

You can please ...
some of the people all of the time
and all of the people some of the time
but you can't please all of the people all of the time

The problem is not chess player ethics, but more like chess player obligations.

During a game, do we battle for chess ethics or do we agree to try to win honestly? It is our obligation to try to win honestly.

If a player loves head games, then they should play the game for their best interests in mind or else the opponent will win the battle.

When a chess game ends, it ends like a war.
The players have the right of freedom of thought and so the right to refuse to fight another battle.

@ #4

All is fair in love and war. Thankfully it's the second one. Love is way too hard. I reserve the right to get royally teed off when, where, and how I want and for whatever reason I want. This ain't OTB.

What all the Throwdown Artists above my post and below yours are essentially saying is... expect the worse. Play that fire chess and speak with your pieces. It is the most satisfying way to put those patzalonis in their place.

PS: Would love some harder CAPTCHAs. Like c'mon y'all I know you got those 2 and 3 movers stored away for a rainy day.

Personally, I always tell my opponent "good game" or "well played" after each game, regardless of the result. I also think it's good sportsmanship to resign a lost position (when there isn't even any hope) and accept at least one rematch offer if you win the first game. Finally, ever playing the Grob or any similar opening is a sign of supreme disrespect :)

Found this link on the Internet about morals of chess.

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