Endgame study

What is the best book or resource to study endgame positions and how do you get stronger in that area? It is especially hard for me to see if a position is winning or drawn in pawn and rook endings

De la Villa‘s 100 endgames are just fine but I guess any endgame book will do.

Probably not "the best", but I've recently come across the website it offers both free and paid chess courses based on spaced repetition, which is reported to be a useful learning strategy.

Courses are based on popular chess books, including the one mentioned by Sarg0n (an excellent book, by the way!). The basic idea of the website is that you get to practice the positions, patterns or ideas explained in a given course interactively, by solving the exercises presented to you while you are reading along. After studying a certain position/pattern, you'll get to practice it regularly, as the system takes care of administering you "old" exercises at regular intervals, in order to strengthen the memorization and improve retention.

I think it's well worth a try (there's free endgame courses too): it could be an interesting complement to good "old fashioned" books :)


Yeah, have fun! Probably it still proves too much, my team mates fail miserably in the test...

Read it within 16 days. :D

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