Endgame Studies
I made a study on great endgame studies (:D) ending in 1-0.
If you have more suggestions (great ENDGAME studies) please post it in this forum and provide the composer and year when it was composed.
ENDGAME studies that ended in 1-0! Only 1-0!
Provide the composer and year!
And before anyone asks, no, it cannot be composed by yourself.

Thanks for all who will contribute,

Can you make some exceptions, as I've got a pretty good endgame study that ends in a draw, composed by Richard Reti in 1921, and its actually pretty instructive.

White Kc6 Rh8 Black Ka7 Nb7, Al-Adli, 1257
White Kb6, c6 Black Ka1, Rd5, Saavedra, 1895

@pn2206 I don't think I can accept that one... Sorry, have you got another one?

Can't seem to find any other endgame studies that I've made (apart from ones on the Lucena and Philidor position)

btw loved the Capablanca-Lasker endgame study, very nice how he sacrificed his rook to get in a winning King and Pawn endgame

White Kc2, b2 Black Kf6, a4, Tattersall 1910
White Kc7, b5, g2 Black Kg5, b6, f4 Derdle 1926