Endgame: Queen vs 2 knights/2 bishops


Variant 1:
White: King + Queen (both on 1st line - no pawns)
Black: King + 2 knights (no pawns)

Variant 2:
White: same as 1
Black: King + 2 bishops (no pawns)

When you start this endgame (against 2 knights), Stockfish says +4,4 for white.
Against 2 bishops it's +3,5 for white.

This makes the impression that white could win both games.
However, it seems to be a draw.
Why doesn't Stockfish say 0 then?


Use the endgame tablebase for such endings. Looks like Queen vs 2 knights is a draw, but vs 2 bishops is a win.

looking through KQknn database...
it seems that white wins ~50-75% of the positions

I don't have the exact numbers, but white is mostly winning

ok, found the numbers
(sorce: spreadsheet from

knights side to move:
42.85% draw
<0.01% knights win
57.15% queen wins

Queen side to move:
6.05% draw
0% knights win
93.95% queen wins
Bishops side to move:
20.17% draw
15.29% bishops win
64.53% queen wins

Queen side to move:
2.87% draw
0.64% bishops win
96.49% queen wins

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