How can people get away after having won with white without acceepting rematch... education seems to be a forgotten thing that matters inside the net!

They don't have to play with you if they don't want. Respect this

Maybe they just don't have time to play again. This isn't an over-the-board session where you have to set aside a few hours of your time to play multiple games. You also don't know what's going on with your opponent who could have other things to do.

I myself usually don't accept rematch offers even if I lose. There are two reasons. I want to play against many different people, and because I only play a few games in one sitting.

My take:

In variants which heavily favour white, the only one of which I really play is atomic, I think it's a matter of good etiquette to play with white, then black. Having said that, I've been guilty of bailing on rematches before when I'm satisfied at my rating, or would really rather just not face the tension of another game of atomic. It is a personal choice, not an obligation to rematch with black. I also have no qualms about winning with black and then skipping out if I feel like it.

With orthochess, I feel at this level there's not enough difference to even worry about the etiquette of white/black games. I prefer playing black anyhow. :P

I don't feel, at any time, the obligation to either accept or offer a rematch to any player. In fact, people insisting that a player should offer/accept a rematch is something I consider very irritating. It puts a certain kind of pressure on players which I think is totally unacceptable.

Much more annoying is the player who does not give up the game and leaves the set. He obliges the opponent to wait for several minutes for nothing. This is voluntarily harmful. The subject of the post has nothing scandalous : who indicates that it is compulsory to propose a revenge ? We can want to rest after a difficult game or go to eat for example.

#1 Sometimes I don't rematch just because the bullet rating is shit, he might fire up an engine for revenge.

#4 Exactly, a lot of people play 1 game during their break at work.

Also, when I a losing game, I often win-quit just in the hopes that it pisses him off. Some people think too highly of their lowly selves.

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