Easier blitz and bullet tactics..

Hello my tactic rating on lichess is something 2160... but the puzzles are beginning to get hard and i wanted to ask if this will reflect in my blitz and bullet...i only care about these two time controls, so if easier tactics are the key then can you tell me where i can find some or how to reset the lichess puzzle settings..

I also came to that point in the tactics section where I had to think at least 15 min for each puzzle to find the correct solution, and I doubt this is very efficient at our level - although it can be quite fun if you like hard nuts to crack. (;

So I just deliberately blundered some puzzles in a row, which bumps you back to easier puzzles... the puzzle rating is not to be taken serious anyway.

You can also log out of your lichess account and solve puzzles anonymously, which gives you random, usually easier puzzles.

Solving harder puzzles, and thus needing more time to solve them is a very good training tool for blitz and bullet, since in order to get good at anything you have to do it mostly slowly. We walk before we can run, we crawl before we walk, we practice a musical instrument slowly before we can go faster etc. Chess is same, the slower and more detailed you work, the better. Puzzle rush, for example, is NOT a good training tool, but rather it’s a test of your skills. Your skills are to be worked on SLOWLY, so you can fix the position in your mind, calculate many variations carefully, far, and exactly, THEN it’s easy to pick up speed after your quality has been improved.

So, yes, you should work easy tactics too, but you should also work the harder tactics, taking up to 10 minutes per puzzle, some top coaches recommend 20 minutes (Lev Alburt), or even 40 minutes per position for harder puzzles...

Easy puzzles are free on your phone if you get chess tactics pro and ct art apps.

To add:
When we work fast, we are breaking down our brain and muscle processes, like a lifter in the gym who needs time to recover, or music student who must practice his quick pieces slowly, or else he’ll lose the ability to play them at all as his brain process turns into a mess. I noticed in chess my bullet rating goes down after several puzzle rushes, and goes up after I work slowly on one harder puzzle patiently without any help.

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