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  3. [Dumb Question] Is it possible for white to win from this point of the game ?

White to play.

There is a legal sequence of moves which leads to checkmate. Alas, Black is somewhat better.

Found a similar material distribution:

Sure. As Sarg0n said, there is a legal sequence of moves that leads to checkmate.

@Breaking-Limits from the position you show in post 1:

I let a strong engine play the position against itself. White gets checkmated after 40 moves. So I'm going to guess the position is winning for black. From the start, the engine calls the position as -2.7 in favor of black.

In an actual game with 2 humans of equal strength playing I think all 3 results are very much possible at all levels of play. With lower rated players I would give white the advantage. I would imagine that the queen will surely find a fork somewhere and pick up some material then win. The higher the equal rated players get in rating and time on the clock through the more I think I'd favor black to be the likely victor because black is winning but it's complicated and it's easier to play for white in a lot of lines. Black has 4 pieces to coordinate perfectly and not hang but white only gotta worry about the queen. Also white is pushing the passed pawns.

White rarely wins that position. Black would have to blunder two of his four pieces to give white an advantage.

I challenge anyone to play against me as black in this position & win.


I did say in the title my question was a dumb one. You don't have to point it out. So what's the great argument, that your are trying to prove here.

**I was merely curious whether in such a position can white actually win. That was my question**. Why bother spending your time in making this board "", to make a **little joke**, when you could have simply said "NO". What's your gain in doing this ?

Illegal position.
What was the last move?

@Breaking-Limits , I just wanted to have fun. Sorry if it was off topic.
@Vycm don't take it so seriously.

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