Does Lichess officially allow computer assistance in Rated games?

I believe the method is somewhat more sophisticated than that.

@TCF_Namelecc Wait I think the reason @yougetnorest got flagged is because @yougetnorest played a bunch of games with the same person and had 0 inaccuracies, 0 mistakes, and 0 blunders, with 14 centipawn loss exactly (at least 2 or 3 games in a row). But against a single person, he had almost perfect games, but with almost noone else. Probably that's why @yougetnorest got flagged...?

I don't think that proves much. As I said, lichess has very sophisticated cheating algorithms. Let's leave it at that shall we? Trying to derive the algorithm or find a reason isn't gonna get us anywhere.

Doesn't quite answer the question.

To be honest I found her quite insulting to serious chess players. It was obvious to me that there was either lying or cheating going on because even if you have 178 IQ you are not going to be beating even 1300s 20 minutes after learning how the pieces move. Magnus Carlsen started as a ~900 player and by the end of his first year he was ~1950 FIDE. That seems extremely impressive, but it also is very plausible. Over a long time period there is room for rapid improvement, but nobody is just inherently good at something without practice. Nobody wakes up knowing Quantum field theory because their IQ is like sooooo high they just immediately understand. No. It takes time and work and yeah some people are faster than others but you cant really learn a skill in a day.

A lot of false positives? What do you mean? Come on now... the false positive rated is EXTREMELY LOW. And if she was banned incorrectly, she can appeal and it will get removed. It isn't your job to ask for "justice", it's hers (if she deserves it). Now let's be nice and stop discussing bans in the forum before the mods have to waste their time and step in.