Does Lichess officially allow computer assistance in Rated games?

Here is my friend profile.

He/she is tagged with the banner " This player uses computer assistance" but he/she is playing rated games?


@YouGetNoRest, We wanna know how? Please tell us!!


this is the person my bro was arguing with the other day. quite a character from what Ive read xD

also, even tho they're playing rated games, their rating didn't go up

I don't think the rating goes up for anyone who uses CA (computer assistance) and I also find it fair how the opponent doesn't lose points if they lose to players like this one.

@drmrboss you might get a more honest game and make a better friend playing droidfish on your phone

Maybe she was using the tarot cards.

@drmrboss @pzmp @Kiyomi_H @ShootingStar34

This is probably why:
This was the last game before @yougetnorest was flagged. 0 inaccuracies, 0 mistakes, 0 blunders...

But that was a 19 centipawn loss so can you really call it cheating?

Furthermore, @yougetnorest's previous games seemed normal for a ~2000-2100 rated player, with maybe an inaccuracy or two, and rarer mistakes and blunders. But none of the "perfect" (0 inaccuracy, mistake, nor blunder) games were having like less than 10 centipawn loss. So... maybe @yougetnorest can appeal?

5 days ago

I want cheaters to get ip banned instead of warned and / or flagged

Humans are infinitely dumber than algorithms. If the algorithm found a cheating pattern, then she's probably cheating.

In any case, she was boosting by restricting rating pool to people far under her rating.