Does Lichess allow 3rd party software?

@ruzgar9543 that's not what they are talking about, there's an extension that lets you play with mouse and keyboard combined, by hovering over the square you want to move to and then pressing the key for the corresponding piece. Which is much faster than normal moving as opposed to entering the full move via keyboard which would be super slow.

Also looking at how fast people can play with it, it clearly is an advantage over just mouse. Thibault just wasn't anticipating that. I can see why people would want an official easy to find ruling on this, if it's fine it should be somewhere in the TOS or FAQ.

Staff were (and are) very deliberate about the way ToS is worded, especially this section:

"These are just some suggestions of what we would consider against the spirit of playing fairly in our community. This list is non-exhaustive and doesn’t detail all activity we can or will take action against. The final word is always with the administrators, and penalties will be applied at the administrators’ discretion."

In other words I find it very unlikely that ToS will be amended (even for this extension) since they are flexible to allow moderators to handle unanticipated situations.

Sure, it is sort of covered, but this extension is basically most of Ultrabullet. I'm just saying it may be worth a mention of some sort, not because it's needed but because it would be nice towards players. As I understand it this has been around for a long time and it won't go anywhere so it's not really unanticipated anymore.

Also @l-____-l what exactly are you disagreeing with on that point? How is there anything wrong with giving it a brief mention somewhere?

Hmm so he has the time to dislike #104 and see it but chooses not to respond to it.

I kinda dont understand what is considered unfair here? Woudl be unfair to get lightest game mouse and careful selection what to put on programmable buttons? Online chess has features like this. If this only helps in ultrabullet or bullet none of which is really played OTB then this is online chess feature for online chess. which would even require some training not to be slower than with plain mouse

@petri999 well, the issue some people have here is that it's a feature that is not natively supported on lichess. If you take e.g. premoves as a natural comparison then premoves are in the lichess code, everyone knows about them etc.
Whereas this extension is an external "program" that helps players. Is it unfair/unhealthy for the game? Not for me to judge, I am not an ultrabullet player.

This is not just using programmable buttons though, the extension HAS to react to the position on the board. (if you had a e2e4 button that would be pretty useless to apply, however if you hover over e4 and press the pawn button the extension has to read the game state, realize there's a pawn on e2 but not on e3, then make that e2-e4 move; even more so if you press all buttons at the same time and just move the mouse around it will "find" legal moves for you without you even having to see them)

Is this a problem? Again, not for me to judge. Imo ultrabullet is not chess anyway, it's closer to some sort of variant, maybe closer to an RTS game where you try to go as fast as possible. That can have it's own rules, no problem with that. Just make it known to people that something like this exists and is allowed.

Even master KB users can't able to defeat super mouse users like dudewithasuit, yoav milikow,....... in ultra bullet, why?

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