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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Does Anyone Know Some Horde Tips?

Hi- I'm thinking of getting into the lichess Horde variant. (not replacing standard chess, just something fun to try out)

I wonder what some of the core tips are for white and black. This that would be equivalent to standard tips like "Control the center" "develop your pieces actively" "king safety" "look for tactics" Stuff like that. I'd appreciate it if there could be a few tips in the forum.

Thanks for your time

black is simple plan. get your queen behind the lines.

white you have to know some basic pawn endgames.
2 passed pawns vs rook is win but you need 3 pawns to defeat the king (b,c,d,) in practice white is harder to play.

im not smart but i can give you some advice!

with wite its easy! dont take black pieces and move with the lowest pieces that are more behind than the others move towards black and push on the sides asap

even if somebody gives a bishop or knight to you for exchange of a pawn dont take it just move forward the black

with black its harder it needs more skill!!

black: dont short castle and dont move the rooks if the line next to the side moves you take 1 pawn! dont try to dominate middle its white's spot and white overpowered there! try to control the sides and give many material on the beginning to take the sides! the more advanced you are on the sides the faster you can break the white lines and on the sides its much easier to break the white lines than at middle. king: move 1-2 steps forward from the original lines and will serve as a good defender.

queen never give it. if you can break the sides very very fast by giving your queen even yet dont do this!!! with rook you cant take as many pieces from behind than as with the queen. king safety: not important until white develops pawns but if it does you loose anyway xD with black you have some advantage! because its easier to win with it than with wite. the win rate avg is around 60-65% for black if high rated people playing whos know how to use good black. GL

black attack the side pawns if you're black. or a pawn move that the others, queen and bishop support.

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