Does anyone have any central-tension tactics puzzles?

So I've noticed a big weakness in my game, which is that when the center is tense I tend to be a lot more prone to blunders - i.e. missing easy tactics to do with trading pawns, taking pieces with check, etc...

Often is the time I'll have done some trades in a tense center only to find I'm a piece down, unbeknowst to me. I think I'm a fairly decent tactician, but for some reason, when there's central tension, I just go blind. Does anyone have a good set of puzzles or anything that might help?

I dont have anything about centre tactics, but there is a nice book called "The Center: A modern strategy guide", by GM Adrian Mikhalchishin. I read it and I liked it a lot, it helped me to deal with this kind of positions by knowing better the plans involved at each type of center. There is also a fritztrainer by chessbase of GM Adrian Mikhalchishin called "Strategy university vol.1 : The Central Approach".

Remember: tactics flow from a superior position, and maybe you're missing something about the center before the "losing trades".

Sharpen your Tactics by Lein is what I use for my collection of tactical puzzles.

I am specifically looking for puzzles concerned with central tension - such as in Queen's Gambits when there are pawns on d4, c4, c5, and d5. No-one got anything?

have you looked at chess structures by rios? it talks lots about D4 opening structures and has puzzles too. thats the best i got

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