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Don't be part of the slag of the chess, accept the rematch offer at least once

After a game people just click new opponent, waiting for rematch is boring. Besides, we play against pieces, not against men :)

i like playing switching colors so we will probably play 2 games or more..

@josevitor91 There might be many reasons someone is not giving you immediate rematch:
> watching tv and something interesting just poped up
> someone wrote him on messenger
> went to wc
> went to make some tea, because his pot is whistling since half of your game
> someone rang his door, he went to check
> cat jumped on his head
> dog started to bark
> someone called on mobile
> just wants to play some random people every game
> might not have noticed your rematch offer
> use your imagination and write as much as you want points...
Those who don't rematch do not need to be immediately bad guys

I don't play bullet, I play chess.

Most time I play only one single game. I don't know what further implications this creates in somebody's brains.

Yes, I have played a bullet game once. It was in a train, in 2019.

Yeah I agree with you.
The wall of shame is dedicated to all those who run for fear of losing their precious rating, because they won by time with a lot of luck in a losing position, or the tough game was defined in a blunder, but it's better not to have a whole match, it would be too painful for them because they know they will lose many games and it does not pay, it is better to look for an easier target.

Publicly shaming is not accepted. The discussion is fine without it.

@josevitor91 I see no problem with declining a rematch. If you flagged your opponent or took advantage of a blunder, YOU WON. HE LOST.
If you want to find the premium website where everyone accepts rematches, there are zero cheaters and no salt, close your account. will be happy to take care of you.

Here, I'll even help you out!
1) Follow instructions here:
2) Go to
3) Yay!

or you can go to chesscube and live in solitude, no one will ever bother you :)