Do you get a terrible mood after losing in bullet

I wish had not played at all. Do you ever feel the same?

Sometimes you get tilted after losing too many games in bullet. I felt the same two days ago, but stopped after three games to do something else. I would suggest taking a break if you lose three games in a row to relax your mind.

No. I don't care about bullet rating. I care about rapid rating, but do not feel bad losing.

In bullet? What do you get mad about? Not clicking fast enough?

I get in a terrible mood if my morning coffee isn't made just right... Large Iced Macchiato with whole milk and extra sugar. I don't know how many times as I'm leaving the drive-thru and taking that first sip and they forgot the sugar or they used Oat milk or they put Hazelnut flavoring in it... WTF! How hard is it to make it correctly? My day and my mood goes downhill from there... Hitting every red light... Can't find a parking space... In line at the drug store and an old lady is at the counter looking through her pocketbook for a coupon to save 2 dollars on her depend diapers... and it goes on and on. What is bullet?

In order to learn how to win one has to learn how to lose.

Imagine it is chess - that would be really terrible!

Everytime my internet disconnects a lot I lose more than hunfred points. And that feels really bad.

@balashov200 said in #1:
> I wish had not played at all. Do you ever feel the same?

I’ve played some casual bullet and it doesn’t bother me when I lose, because it is barely even chess. A better name for it would be No Think, and I don’t care one bit if I lose at No Think. The quality of the games is just brutal, so I don’t get satisfaction out of winning a bullet game either.

Sometimes yes, specially if I am winning and my time runs out.

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