Do 2000 rated players really play like this?

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@WillThisWolfBlunder said in #1:
> It was one mistake after the other. Surely, this can't be a true representation of a 2000 rated player.
it definitely isnt stockfish's ratings aren't accurate whatsoever except for perhaps stockfish lvl 8
in atomic stockfish 6 literally blunders to one of the most basic openings in the variant on the first move and loses and its supposed to be 2300 level lol

Sometimes you make 1 blunder, and you start playing horribly. I certainly have played more than once like this, but those games are the exception to the rule.

This is certainly not a good indication of a 2000 player. The bots on Lichess are overrated, and the whole Lichess site is overrated as well. I’m rated 2200 rapid, but in real life I would probably be more like 1600 or something.

@OzyWho said in #8:
> Why are you playing on a site that's overrated?
I meant that all the players on Lichess have ratings that are higher than their fide, or USCF etc. equivalents. Don’t get me wrong though, the site is still great!