Disrespectful players on lichess and what to do about those...............?

@CM sheldonleecooper515

You are right about the legitimate right. Yet you have to admit that within a community you stick to the shared morals. If you disagree with those you should try to find another community. Or start one yourself.

To me the acting/playing/behavior of my opponent was annoying and disrespectful.

There are major differences between 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and more timecontroles. We all know that. I have also explained before this has to do with age as well. Unfortunately my 1 or 3 minute games are gone. Not only the brains adjusting to new positions but also the handling of the mouse gets a bit less. LOL

Starting this subject was mainly to vent my frustration but also to share them so that others who go through the same realize they are not alone. To me is a place to have fun, make friends and by playing your chess-experience is judged.

Magnus Carlsen has an account on which he uses for fun and plays strange openings against good players just to see and to get more experience from them but also to have fun. His opponents must know, as I do, that this is Magnus and the games are experiments which are only practicing. There is nothing to be proud of when you see a GM making risky moves against you to have some fun and if they lose they simply start a new game. It's just chess....there is so much more important in life that matters....................

Bro, there are tons of weasels out there. You went into the weasel hole by playing with no increment, and are accountable for that choice.

@kiek333 , chess started with exactly same pieces on both sides, which have been theoretically known as draw, based on billions of engines vs engines games. KR vs KR is still theoretical draw.

Most rated games are played in limited time. Low time is also as serious advantage as material or positional disadvantage. ( Time handicap is also a handicap).

A player trying to win due to time advantage is completely legal/ethetical and he is doing his own job. ( There is no ethetical etiquette restriction whease you should stop playing when you see equal materials on the board).

I find it fair since there is no time increment. If one player reaches any position having used less time than his opponent is because this guy played "better". Having said that, this may not be the most enriching way of playing, but that's subjective.
According to kiek333 he should hv resigned in this game but he let his opponent time run out and won by time the greatest example of hypocrisy lol now you might argue that resigning is other thing while drawing other but during draw opponent intentions were to let him blunder and take advantage or let his time run out same is the case hereπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


You are putting words in my mouth I never have said. This tells you something about your personality.

Reading is difficult.