Disrespectful players on lichess and what to do about those...............?

This is why I don't play without increment

Many ways to solve, choose either one instead of crying
1. Dont play without increasements
2. Dont play rated games
3. Learn premoves, ( I had a game where I won after 50 premoves while 0.01 sec on my clock)

I do agree !!! People would never act this way in "a real game" face to face, so why do they act like idiots online ??? Common sense and respect for a person should be the same online as in "real life". I dont care if people want to act like complete idiots, I have stopped bothering. In situations like the one you had, I make 1 move offer a draw and then no more. If my opp wants to timewin in that case I just never play that person again.
I prefer to play people who can respect both me and the game of chess. Chess wasnt invented for this purpose to run around with a rook or a king for 50 moves or more.....

If the system didn't call a draw in a lone King v lone King position, I wonder whether these types of players would keep shuffling the king about to win on time?

Yes playing in a Rook vs. Rook game for 50+ moves is stupid, but if I had 1 min and my opponent had 30 secs I would play on, whether it was a Rook vs. Rook or an opposite colored bishop endgame

I totally disagree with you kiek 333 even if it was me I would have played on even if it was a dead draw we play for a win not for and draw so even if it was me I would have played on you could have premoved and play and you had the fifty move repetition choice and the choice of repeating the same move 3 times I have no problem with u I just posted my opinion well I am really not with that opinion you posted

@ ravindu2 The game is on page one.

I understand when one is down to a few seconds but with minutes on the clock it is disrespectful. Especially when the opponent doesn't even try to win which is exactly why I was down on the clock trying to come up with a plan........

And for those that say 'I am crying' I am not. I really do not care about losing but I do care about people who clearly play 'clock' only. When I was young I played a lot of1 or 3 minutes games. Now with ageing I have turned to 5 minutes and I hope that the players that love 1 minute games stick to that routine and stay away from 5 minutes, deriving the fun.

@drmrboss I know all these things. Back in the 90's I was already playing chess online so assuming that I have to learn things has nothing to do with my point. I know about premoves and so on.

This is just an opinion

@kiek333 It's not an opinion; you stated they should be banned even though what they do is legit. That statement carries some responsibility with it. You had more than enough time for 50 moves and you could have won a Queen on move eleven.
If you had spent so much time trying to come up with a plan and missed several instant wins, it's expected one will try to flag you.
You can't whine about it and expect someone will get penalized for... nothing, but should rather fight against it.
As @drmrboss pointed out, you could have premoved.
When you entered Rook vs. Rook, YOU HAD 49 (!!) SECONDS. 49 seconds for 50 moves. And you couldn't premove. Were you trying to come up with a plan?