Disrespectful players on lichess and what to do about those...............?

A lot is going on in the world right now and it is good. It is about mutual respect and I sincerely hope this world is ging to change.

Unfortunately I came across a player today who in a dead draw position in a 5 minutes game refused a draw where both only had a rook. The only difference was that white had 1 minute and 30 seconds and black 3 minutes. Black refused a drawoffer and went on making rook and king moves to make sure that white's flag would fall.

I know it is just a game and life goes on but I wish that would do something about this kind of players. To make it even worse the rude disrespectful player kept sending re-match offers just to annoy me.

I will put the guy on my ignore list. I guess I cannot name him but it would be great if everyone would ignore him to teach him a lesson in showing respect.

To give you an example of the stupity: even though it was a dead draw I played under time pressure a couple of bad moves but Black didn't even look at it as he was so obsessed with making either rook or king moves with no intention.

There is a 50 moves rule and threefold repetition that can solve the game in these situations.

Trying to flag someone isn’t wrong, even if it’s drawn. If that wasn’t good, then what’s the entire point of flagging in the first place....

@jonjons going for flag in a position even Magnus Carlsen couldnt win, is plain stupid, that's about mouseshifting, not chess

If you can’t take flagging, don’t play with a clock, if you can’t take that people with use their speed to win, don’t play online. Simple as that.

Listen dude rules are rules chess is not all bout good moves it also includes time management and if a player wins by time he just simply wins get this concept in your head ASAP

@ jonjons Playing on for four minutes in a dead drawn position is to me ridiculous.