Defenses against d4.

hey Everyone, I am looking for a good defense against white's d4. I have been looking at the Benoni some, but can't seem to find a lot of resources. I will be looking at some GM games on it as I go though. If some one could point me in the right direction that would be great. If the Benoni has flaws or there is just a better defense I would gladly take suggestions.

Ben oni is certainly good, but there are plenty of good openings. Just pick one and stick to it. It all does not matter. Something like 1 d4 e5 ot 1 d4 h6 is quite playable. If you doubt that, then take the white side and play it against Stockfish.

if you are willing to invest money into it, I would recommend Richard Palliser's "How to play against 1. d4" It is a relatively new book, and it addresses the czech and modern benoni in detail.

I'd recommend the Slav defence. I have recently started playing the Semi Slav defence and I've been doing well in most of my games. It's an easy opening to play and learn.

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The typical Modern Benoni (with Nc3) is frowned upon by most top GMs who find it inferior. After white has committed to an early Nf3 things are different however as white has no longer a quick f4 or other critical options.
One of the very few top GMs playing the Modern Benoni in the last 10 years was GM Gashimov, see games here :

The choice of openings should imho depend on a balance between your playing style and whether you are getting good results with the occuring positions and whether you feel comfortable with them and like the positions that results.
Looking at your ratings you likely still have time to experiment and find out what you like.
Solid choice is Slav and QGD. More risky is Dutch defense, KID, and QGA.

Good luck, have fun !

u can try a classical pirc setup where u go d6 nf6 g6 and ect. its a very solid opening and Ive had a lot of otb success with it against e4 and d4