Dealing With Adrenaline - Help needed relaxing during online play

I would like get better by playing more games but I find I always get hyper anxious and adrenaline kicks in in game. It makes it very unpleasant and leaves me blundering, hands shaking, blood pounding - every game! It is ridiculous as I am bad at chess, have nothing to defend, I just wish I could relax and enjoy the games.
Has anyone got any advice?
Do others experience this online?
I've seen people talk about it in tournaments, which is more understandable.

Just have to keep playing and you learn to control it to where it has doesn't happen anymore.

If i dont feel well but still wanna play i just play casual games instead of rated.

Seriously I find nicotine helps me. Not recommending smoking of course.

Thanks all. I guess keep practising, maybe I will make an alternative account. It's silly because I really don't care about my elo or account, just trying to trick my psychology out of this, honestly very dramatic fight or flight reactions.

I don't drink or smoke so no help there :) If I did drink I wouldn't play chess

Another mechanism might be just to throw a load of games to get it out of my system but I wouldn't want to do that to others so its a no go. Maybe I could play the bong cloud or whatever it is magnus did!?

Thanks all

Study chess! Not only is studying the same fun as playing but without all the downsides (losing), but you will also realize that your new knowledge will make you feel more comfortable during your games.

Hi @Kallyfudge - I see you play mostly fast games that require quick decisions.

I suggest playing longer games where you are not pressured to make moves quickly. That will let you focus more on the moves and less on the clock. I believe playing longer games will help you learn more and relax more. Take your time - nobody is chasing you...

I hope you come to enjoy the game and relax. Chess will be a good friend for life if you let it. Have fun.

Thats a good point @FoxKing , I guess I watch a lot of quick games so I thought 10min was long, also part of my decision was faster means I don't feel bad for as long. But Maybe I wont feel bad at all on the longer games.


Agree with above advice. Play slower time controls. Play casual games. No redbull or coffee. Orange Juice? Works for Magnus. Good Luck with your quest to relax during gameplay.