Database resource for player vs. player records

Forgive the newbie question but what is the best free resource to lookup the record of any two professional chess players? I tried the online version of chessbase but it doesn't return meaningful results. It would be great to look at the actual games too but in this case, I just want to the win/loss/draw record for various players vs. specific opponents in specific formats. For example, what is Carlson and Fabiano's record at standard chess, at blitz, etc.

Try Chess, I'm not sure if they have the W/L/D record but they definitely have the games.

Yeah sorry the link messed up, I hope the site is useful anyway :)

I normally also use, it is a great site and you can find most of the time what you are looking for. Just recentrly found out the free version of chessbase database, Still haven't explored it much to know which is better, but it seems like a good one. Maybe you should give it a try.

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