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  3. Curious ratings

I don't understand how many people are, for instance, 1650 in classical and simultanemous only 1100-1200-1300 in all other ratings.
Cheating in classical is an hypothesis

I am not sure anyone can cheat here as in the other site I used to play. The other day I played here a classical game I think it was 30 min/game and I lost. Some 5 min later I got notification where it says that I lost to a cheater and my rating points are refund. His account was closed. I couldnt believe it! I couldnt believe it how fast the cheater was revealed! And that is why this site become my favorite.

JessBlue #2

I have made the same experience several times when I lost against cheaters. I think all gentlemen chess players are glad to see that LICHESS reveals cheaters and are suspending them.

I have the same experience : after loosing against a cheater, Lichess returns me 14 rating points and this is very good.
But I think that to find all cheaters is very difficult perhaps impossible, they can chet with 2 computers, with help by a very strong player....

I think the reason is probably because a lot more people play non-correspondence games so competition is tougher.

It COULD be because a particular person has much more trouble thinking quickly than the average person.

My ratings are exactly as you say and I dont have any other explanation than those two factors in my case.

Some people could of course cheat if they wanted to yes.
I dont see the point myself, it's not like you get paid for having a high lichess rating.

JessBlue, stonecollector and KateKidna,
Thanks you very much for these answers

In my opinion the classical players here are "softer". It's easier to get 2200 classical than 2200 blitz. And bullet is really hard and competitive, even 19xx bullet players sometimes play really strong.

Also, sometimes 2000+ classical players play sloppy games with time control 5min + 5sec, they move too fast, maybe they think it's blitz since 5 mins sounds like blitz.

This does not apply to all players, but in general I feel this is how it is.

i dont play classic. Blitz and Bullet are good, but i didnt play for long time or just have no fun playing classic.

You know which kind of cheaters are the hardest to spot?
The ones that only use the engine when they have already blundered.

So yeah, there will be mistakes and blunders in between, and I am not sure how will they ever spot them...

A guy with only 1700 in tactics trainer used some really advanced tactics to beat me after loosing a full piece. Played super fast, and suspiciouly enough this all started to happen right after he lost the piece(which was a big blunder with no compensation). He never made a single innacuracy since then... To make it even worse, he does not have bullet nor blitz rating for me to doubt about my suspicion...

I never get angry when I lose, except for when I lose against someone I know is cheating. I now understand how angry was Wesley So when he deleted his account on this site. It's a special kind of frustration.

I feel tempted to create an account and cheat using this method just to see if I am mistaken. Right now I am very confident I am not.

My bullet rating is 300 points lower than my classical. I certainly don't cheat. I think different people are just good at different things, through experience and the way our brains are wired. Like some people might be strong tactically but not positionally or the other way around. Likewise some might be good in classical time controls normal games and others in blitz after all they are very different games.
Another thing to consider that hasn't been mentioned yet, and this is probably a big part of it, a lot of people try much harder at the time control they are best at and take the other ones far less seriously and just play for fun and not try to keep their rating up on those time controls.