Crushing masters

Have you ever defeated a titled player, share those memorable games here>>>

I lost to many titled players, but also beat many titles players in bullet and blitz, often I feel bad for them since often times they annihilated me in the opening knowledge, then easily outplayed me in the middle game, then they achieved a winning rook ending, easily ate all my pawns because they often have superior tactics, and then I flagged them :(

But other times they are just as vulnerable to unexpected tactics, positional plans, and opening traps as anyone else is.

Sometimes I imagine that the “master” I beat must be a retired old man who maybe played OTB 50 years ago and got his 2250 rating, but today plays at 2000 at best.

I beat a child FM once in my professional carrier. That kid is an IM now. I already quitted professional play though and playing bullet games here all day (:

I beat an IM OTB but he was trying to hard to avoid a draw against a 2000-level scrub and I wasn't shy to play for a draw

@kusokosia OTB I won against a former master, but as you say, he had gotten old and was a step slow, had hit his rating floor by the time we played, but he still enjoyed the game, so he kept playing. I had to admire his spirit, knowing he was once much better, but still ready to start the clocks.