Crush the 🇫🇷 French 🇫🇷 with the Wing Gambit! -New Full Analysis Study

Hey Everyone, I just recently created a full in-depth analysis of the French wing gambit. This variation is a strong, underrated, solid, and fun opening. I also studied a lot of new ideas that have not yet been explored yet and have used them in this repertoire. The link to the study is I hope you guys like it!!

Also, I have created a new lichess team/club, where I will be organizing charity tournaments with monetary prizes. I also may be posting more in-depth opening analysis like this one in my team. The team link is Hope you guys join :)

I will believe only if you can crush Stockfish's French defence with wing gambit. ( It will never happen, lol)

These days, every one can prepare and memorize opening lines with the assist of 3600 rated Stockfish.

I looked at the most practical lines black would play. Also we should always uses our resources to our advantage, whether its opening books or stockfish :)

It is playable, but not crushing by any means.
The strongest for black is probably accepting ...cxb4 and ...bxa3.

There was a funny game, according to German fm. Don't know if his assessment was true.

GM was playing French against fm I think in a regional tournament . And he moved blacks queen side pawns, but in fact he bluffed and blundered a pawn. And the fm though it was a deep sacrifice and didn't take it. And went on losing

We recently have "discussed" this in the forum and i gave a good line for black:

So, in Chapter 9, 9...Bd7! and 10...b5!, instead of 9...h6 or 9...O-O which you analyzed in the sideline. The idea is to knack the white center with b5-b4. This seems to cause white some problems, especially as black can later try to play for win with 13...Kf8.

Sorry to bust your enthusiasm :-)

@tictactactic Wow that is a very interesting line! Thank you for suggesting. I was actually analyzing it and the game you had sent, and although I think it's a very viable move, I think that instead of playing 11. Ng5, white has some pretty good chances with 11.Ba3 with more of a queenside benko style gambit. The idea is that if black then plays 11... b4, white plays 12.cxb4, after which if black takes with the bishop, white plays Nd2 planning to play Nb3- c5 controlling the c5 square, and if black takes with the knight, white can play 13.Nc3 allowing black to take whites d3 bishop however, it activates whites queen by allowing it to take on d3, and connects the rooks. White's a3 bishop would turn out pretty strong and the a7 pawn might be a target. 11. Ba3 might not be the best engine move but I think a provides some great practical chances (which is what gambits are all about :D)

Nevertheless, thank you for your great suggestion and what do you think about my approach to it? I am interested in hearing about more lines like these!