Crazyhouse Fightclub with JannLee

This is the thread for all further information and discussion about the upcoming Crazyhouse Fightclub

If you have any questions let me know I try to answer everything.

Prize structure for the Grand Opening:

1st = $50
2nd = $35
3rd = $25
4th = $20
5th = $15
100th = 5$
200th = 5$
Every 100th place up to 3000 is getting a prize of 5$.
If a player is placed 500th he gets 5$, 2500th, 5$ and so on.

BitChess is giving you the opportunity to win one of 35 prizes.

Prize structure for the Weekly I:

1st = 50$
2dn = 35$
3rd = 15$

Both tournaments will be hosted by and streamed by JannLee

In collaboration with Lichess and JanLee we are going to host a weekly Crazyhouse tournament.

Some information about JannLee:

2. In Australia the upstream is pretty slow this directly affects the stream quality but it's still ok.
3. It's his first stream ever and he is doing his best to cover all questions and deliver a nice commentary/stream.
4. JannLee is going to berserk all games.
5. He said if he is going to win a prize it will be donated to lichess.

One thing I personally want to highlight is the fact that he wakes up at 5am on sunday and monday, he is going straight to work after the tournament. This is dedication !! As you all know the timezone in Australia is a little bit uncomfortable for EU / NA.

Exciting!! Thank you BitChess and JannLee for bringing us these fantastic events. I love the prizes up to 3000th place. That should be interesting.

Very nice! Thank you both for doing this.
"In collaboration with Lichess and JanLee we are going to host a weekly Crazyhouse tournament."
Does that mean that there will be a new weekly tournament every week or just once?

Well, I believe that the definition of "weekly" implies that it happens every week. Just saying.

Obviously but such big prizes every week + JannLee streaming seems a bit too good to be true.

JannLee is *heavily* motivated for that and we like to work with guys like him.

We guarantee at least 10 upcoming crazyhouse tournaments in a row with minimum of 100$ prize pool every week.

Amazing! This will definitely bring a lot more people to crazyhouse.

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