crazyhouse Engine

I am looking for an good chess engine can play crazyhouse. pleas hellp and thank you.
thx but the problem a cant install and add this new Engines in FritzPortable or to arena 3.5.1 or Scid vs PC like other engins komodo , houdini etc .. i need a prodramm can add TJchess or Imortal .. can hellp me??
i have to same problem . whan i add these engines TJchess or Imortal to WinBoard-4.7.3 , i cant play crzyhouse.. it is the same sample board .. for play crzyhouse u need a place for Pieces.. I do not know how I change the Board
Well known, free crazyhouse engines, from strongest to weakest:

1. Imortal 2.0 (Windows only)
2. Sunsetter
3. Tjchess 1.1
4. Sjeng

I use Linux and can confirm that the engines 2-4 are working with xboard. Unfortunately Sunsetter seems to be a bit buggy when it comes to analysis.

To play an crazyhouse game in xboard/winboard you load one of these engines, and then you click on:

File --> New variant --> Crazyhouse
thx scuffi . yes File --> New variant --> Crazyhouse hh i ddnt see it..
thnkyo very much duropo . the basic guide help me a lot/ gracias

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