Could you combine the database of stockfish with the strength of LCZero?

Why not let stockfish decide the first 10 moves and let LCZero continue from there?

why not? assuming lc0 doesn't have an opening book (I don't know if it does or doesn't) then it's just down to the scientists having different aims or goal and them seeing an opening book as not contributing to those aims or goals. There's no technical reason it couldn't.

Amusingly, one of the programming discussion boards just had a big thread on how to make a stronger hybrid program using lc0 for the first 30 moves and then stockfish for the end of the game.

stockfish is an engine that can have and use recorded moves in the opening, and has done so in some competitions against alphazero. #5

I'm only going by what I've read, I'm not intimately knowledgeable of stockfish.

That wasn't Stockfish who used book moves, you need additional scripts or gui for that. Neither Stockfish nor Lc0 support books.

#7 then you have a lot of work to do, there are 1000s of people on the internet who are wrong including wikipedia

#7 was such a remarkable claim that I went and checked. And he's right, stockfish doesn't seem to have it's own book. It relies on interface programs to play moves from the book for it. Given how important selecting good book moves is to an engine's results, I find this remarkable, but the source is linked above and I see no sign of a book in it.

The statement was "stockfish doesn't support books" not that stockfish doesn't have its own book. I don't know if it does or doesn't support books, but from what I'm reading it sounds like it does support books.

take this quote

"The American called the match "dishonest" and pointed out that Stockfish's methodology requires it to have an openings book for optimal performance. While he doesn't think the ultimate winner would have changed, Nakamura thought the size of the winning score would be mitigated."

Nakamura, who isn't a programmer as far as I know but I imagine knows a bit about stockfish says "stockfish's methodology requires it to have an openings book for optimal performance". So the statement "stockfish doesn't support books" confuses me. Someone is wrong on the internet. I don't know who though.

"The Syzygy tablebase support, previously available in a fork maintained by Ronald de Man, was integrated into Stockfish in 2014.[8] In 2018 support for the 7-men Syzygy was added, shortly after becoming available. "

What is a Syzgy tablebase?