Correspondence chess - do you prefer engine or no-engine tournaments?

In a correspondence chess server (not lichess -- I know computers are prohibited on lichess), I have an option to enter one of two tournaments: One allows engines, the other does not allow.

Let's assume that there will be no cheaters in the no-engine tournament. Which tournament would you prefer to play in? Do you find correspondence chess more interesting/educational when engines are allowed, or when they are not?

Personally I don't see the point of playing with engines. It's as if you aren't even playing chess.

@tempodivalse 4 hours ago #1

Here in Lichess you can use computer engines, but you have to make sure that your opponent agrees with it and you play it under casual mode.

Created a team called cyborg for those people who are interested to play advanced chess. Ratings are generated based on played games for the team only.

Regarding your questions, I prefer with engine use.
I like playing with engine use to find and learn the best possible moves in a given position and also learn why certain moves will not work. To explore the human capabilities on imaginations and logic, faster and more accurate together with the use of the machine. I believe this is the future or was the future and continue to be so like in military, medicine and space exploration researches.

Playing correspondence without engine use in our modern times can be done by yourself at home, if you are just practicing your analytical ability, there are a lot of engines that you can choose, from weaker to strongest that are already available.

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