constant banning of my account without any reason

I have been unable to play lichess because someone is reporting my account now and again, so I automatically get a suspension that prevents me from playing. Even though the suspension gets lifted because I have done nothing wrong, that person reports me again after one day and another suspension kicks in, and so on and so forth. I would like to know what to do in order to prevent that person from boycotting me and I would also know who is the person that does false accusations about me and gets away with it, leaving me without the possibility to play this game I love. This is a flagrant violation of the spirit of a noble game like this one, but I feel helpless, I would enormously appreciate any help to identify that person and stop this harassment.

Mm, that's annoying. At least you know it's a reporter (jk)

Sounds like you are talking about playbans. They happen automatically when someone frequently aborts or otherwise waste their opponent's time in games.

If you finish all the games you start in a normal way, you will not run into any issues.

I never did it, in fact today I was banned even though I did not play for the whole day, you can check I always finish all my games and never abort any, I would be grateful if you could verify what is going on. All this started 10 minutes before a school tournament I had last Sunday, and it is happening every 30 hours, sometimes even if I do not play in the interim.

@kaissa44 thank you but after being banned for the second time, I wrote to them and they did not reply at all, is there another way to reach them out?

@Diegoruizb I hope this reporter gets banned. I support you! Also, did you argue with anyone really on lichess and they reported you because they were mad?