Congratulations Lance

Been here since 2012 and a happy member of Lance's fan club. Hikaru won his 5th US Champ title and Lance won his 11th marathon tourney; what a great weekend it was! 👍😀

Gongratz to Lance5500 - being the unquestioned best at marathons; playing more rated regular chess games in a day than I do in my whole time on lichess, each of them better than my best.

And not just me, either; 2nd place had 17% more games but 29% less wins.

...Jeez. And I've been registered since 2013. Props m(_ _)m

@hangrad: It's interesting how big of a filter it is on simuls, ain't it? Mechanically, only a few clicks. Meaningfully, represents having interest in his games (I presume). Practically? The simul I played Lance in ran 74-11-2. Granted, 16 of these had ratings 2008-2509, but still, excluding them it's still over 14 times more players.

Congratiolations Lance!

( ...from someone having managed to win twice against u a looong time ago.. :D )