Confirm move: is it bad for skill?

In a standard OTB game one is not allowed to move a piece just to see what the move would look like, then decide against the move. However, this is possible in online games with move confirmation.

My question is, does move confirmation hinder the skill of mentally visualizing a potential move?

Yes sir...Visualization is a key element in chess. Many GM's can play chess blindfolded.

Eh its fine against mouseslips but i dont use it because it would eat seconds away in blitz._. Everyone has their preference just find what works good for you

I use move confirmation because I was frustrated with my own mouse slips. I don't use it to visualize the move, but rather just make sure that the piece ends up on the right square. If you maintain the discipline to use it in that way, there's no difference in visualization.

I find spending that one extra second to click on the move confirmation even in classical ruins my whole train of thought. Looking away from the board for a split second even when Im not playing blindfolded messes me up.

The next time you want to build something great, do a sketch of hit. Just don't go buy some material and start building it from your mind. Visualize your plan and draw it down. It goes the same for chess.

Obviously, when training you want to see how it looks. When you're in a testing environment like a chess tournament. You should not be able to touch every piece. So the true way to play tournaments, even online tournaments is touch the piece and touch the square. A touch move forces an ethical player to play the piece. It should have been used in on-line tournaments. At least pre-moves forces a player to play the piece touched. In casual games, it should have been the same or slide the piece or hover it over the square. If you want, since it's casual, even play another piece.

If you take your rating seriously, then try not to hover the piece over the squares and play the piece you touched. Pick a time control that gives you time to finish a game.

The confirm move is not needed if you do not drag and drop. It's really hard to mouse slip with clicking one piece and clicking where it goes.

We all blink and it's about the same to click the confirmation square. I think if you use the mouse and press the a key on the keyboard it does the confirmation. Use two hands and you don't need to look away. Over the board you cannot use two hands to play, and you will get distracted writing your moves down or looking at others playing.

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