Comeback of the Century!

@TrxpsNevv and @SleepioLives man are yo ujust that stupid? some people play chess for fun and don't take it seriously, but listen kid, like actualy pls get a soul and life before you post in forums and flex your rating and make people look bad. Magnus takes one look at you, then throws up in your face so shut up, get a life.

@SleepioLives oh fake rating huh? why your blitz rating so low huh? oh yeah your bullet rating is fake because all you know how to do is to flag people. Give @blindlyzerking a break and you get a real rating. Dropping a queen at your level? bruh

@Komokid I'd say the role of throwing up in someone's face belongs to Fischer, but he is unfortunately not here anymore. When did Magnus get such a personality?

lol @Flyingjat good point but it is just a way of saying that even tho you think you are so good, there are people better than you

What does carlsen have to do with any of this? And try to find a post where i claim to be great because of my rating.

Well since there are so many great players in this forum, could someone help me pls xD

Thelstgrl has called my rating fake for years. If you look at her post here she says I'm like cnn (she's a Trump supporter).

sure! I have helped people before, obviously put me on on your own risk lol :)