Comeback of the Century!

Is this just what you do in the forums @TrxpsNevv? Make people bad? Just like you did in tournament chats on your old account? Get a life man. Give the guy some joy. It's sad how you take the time to go through other people's games to make people feel bad. Seriously.

@blindlyzerking fyi this guy made a post expressing jealousy of my rating. And it's a bit odd that you tell me to get a life whilst randomly responding to me on here, as well as claiming that you know other names i have used on this site.

Lippy is my number 1 fan. He wishes he could be me..follows me everywhere I go for 20 years. He's like my puppy.

@blindlyzerking when he isnt trolling in the forums, he is padding his fake rating. He never plays anyone over 2100......hahahahhehhaehaehaeheahaehaeheahaeheahea. FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lippy is not fake, he is as real as CNN and MSNBC