Closing Account

I'm closing my account here in lichess. There are far too many cheater which I play almost every other day. Perhaps I'll be back after this site has rid of cheaters...

[lichess edit] Wesley So faced only one cheater. He lost, accepted a rematch, and lost again. Then made this forum post. The cheater was quickly banned from lichess, and Wesley So got his rating points back. What more can we do? We know it's infuriating to face cheaters, and we do everything possible to catch them and protect fair players. We have automated detection based on stockfish analysis, and a team of dedicated moderators.

This is one of the fastest sites to ban cheaters. keep up the good work lichess, best chess site ever

stick to titled players. they are usually well known and respected!

play with me, I do not cheat, then you always win :)

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please stay... I wanted to play a Super GM once in my lifetime...

Maybe tell lichess who the cheaters are then they will be banned!

NOOOO please stay. I enjoy watching your games on here.

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