Classical Chess Tournaments

Hello guys, why don't we have much of Classical Chess tournaments ?
Is it dead or alive? Very few people prefer to play classical now, why so ?

bescause it may take 1 hour or 2 hours and it is boring and players dont have paitence

It's not dead. lichess offers classical tournaments and also has an official lichess team for swiss classical/blitz/rapid tournaments.

@Raunak715 yes bro, I also like to play classical.
I don't play classical games by this account.
I have another account to play classic games!
Playing blitz and rapid is good for fast thinking.
But, when we play classical, we have lot of things to learn.
It is good for your Chess future!

Yes, @Triangel ,
I have joined that team!

Actually people can berserk all their games but still it takes for ever
But i guess we still do have weekly classical