ChessTalk Discord Server

You posted porn in a server that you linked, your discord account was banned from discord.

Yea this discord chess thing really is a great idea. I actually have one of the most active chess discords around right now. The Flat Earth Chess Club! With around 40 current members it is pretty rare to find a time when nobody is there. Come join and have some fun at the FECC!

Bumping because I think people should keep join ChessTalk. Somewhat inactive but recently getting better and are reforming a bit. Someone else is also admin now so theres two admins and they added a chess bot and a trivia bot. I think people should join which is why i'm bumping, was nice when I joined. Still is nice, just a bit inactive. I'll stay on though just to try to get it active. Thank you.

P.s. why do we have people advertising a different discord on a specific discord server thread lol

ChessTalk is still alive, we aren't the most active anymore, but I have created another admin., and I also want to continue to grow my chess ability and server activity.

Use this invite link so we can track the amount of people that use it.

Total Users Joined: 225 since Restart on July 30th.