Chessbase 14

When is it likely to arrive? Chessbase 13 has been out for a while now yea? I only recently started reviewing my games. I picked up the Somali version of Chessbase 13. I'm learning how to use it. I'm thinking about buying the real deal, but I don't want to buy Chessbase 13 when the new iteration is right around the corner. Any idea when Chessbase 14 will be released? Thanks.

Visit their site, perhaps there are news there. Or email chessbase.

I am not sure what more could be done with chessbase 13 it has everything. The only part where I think chessbase could improve is the Cloud aspect. It's pretty poor and almost unusable. Integration with chessbase app would be much better.

Worst case scenario they release chessbase 14 9 months down the line they will have a big discount for an upgrade.

Pushing this topic a little further.
I feel I have stalled, or even gone slightly backwards in my play.
Though chess is a relatively inexpensive sport, and also getting cheaper, thanks to the likes of Lichess, I do not mind a little "investment" in trying to improve. Currently I play on Lichess, use the Lichess analysis tools and also Tarrasch (open source engine) I purchase books (which I try to use but confess to being slow to complete them) and am a member of, mainly for the video content. I consult the free chess base and chess tempo opening books online (though not when I am playing).
I have a limited technical ability when it comes to computers (not quite got my head around clouds and how they work)
If it is going to help me improve, then I do not mind purchasing chessbase or similar. My questions are ,
1.if I were to invest in chessbase, what would I get that is better than the free resources on offer now ?
2. Would I need to purchase anything else to go with it (GUI - engine etc)
3. Is it easy to handle ?
4. If you were going to invest around £300 to improve your game would you invest in chessbase.

I have looked on the site but do not seem to be able to obtain laymans answers - just lots of technical gobbledegook

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