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10x10 board with a "paladin" (knight + bishop) on the other side of the queen and a "chambermaid" (knight + rook, given that the queen is essentially bishop + rook) on the other side of the king. Two extra pawns for each color, naturally. I feel like, out of all the chess spin-offs that have been devised to liberate players with strong memory and weak calculating ability (me) from dependence on engines and opening theory, this one has the best chance of really becoming as popular as the original game.

Maybe courtesan or concubine is a better name than chambermaid, which reminds me of someone who cleans pisspots. That piece sounds too powerful for that connotation :P

Very true.

The knight + bishop is commonly known as "Archbishop". The knight + rook is commonly known as "Chancellor". Both are using in Capablanca Chess (, which is played on a 10x8 board. The new pieces are positioned between the knights and the bishops. Capablanca and Lasker tried a 10x10 board as well, but found that 10x8 was better.

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