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I have been to many chess tourneys. On the 14th December I have to play a chess tournament which has 8 rounds and has a time control of 25 min+ 5 sec increment. I have not played a tournament with such a big time control since about 2014(The last tourney I played in was 10 min per side). Any suggestions on how I should prepare? Just for your information, I am an eight-grader who can't really devote that much time to chess. So how can I play really well in the tournament?Please help!

how many rounds per day?

Play Caro Kann against 1.e4, Dutch against 1.d4 and friends, with white play London System. Play some 5 5 training games here.

Thank you! By the way, all 8 rounds are on the same day (I know it is horrible but I can't help it).

You should stay away from blitz, bullet and variants and seek 25 min + 5 s games here for training. What works in blitz and bullet like cheap traps, and timing out the opponent does not work at 25+5.
Also plan some physical exercise, like running, walking, swimming, or cycling to increase your stamina to maintain concentration during the 8 rounds.

Thanks tpr!

Hey guys! The tourney is tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Yeah, good luck! Calm down, play good moves and dont eat yellow snow!

Ha ha thank you I hope it goes well.

I was seventh in the tourney. I got a consolation prize. Thank you so much for supporting me!
Here is the link

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