Chess Tactics! (1200-1600 ELO)


If you are between 1200-1600 ELO (over-the-board) or even on Lichess (Rapid), then I've created this study for you.

I've also included some exercises, straight from Yusupov's Build Your Chess 1 book. If you like the material in this study, you'll love the book.


Hi everyone. I've made the chess exercises (1-1 through 1-12) interactive. Of particular attention is Exercise 10.

Good luck and have fun!

You're welcome @Kampfknoppers.

I've added Damiano's mate today.

"The checkmate was first published by Pedro Damiano in 1512. In Damiano's publication he failed to place the white king on the board which resulted in it not being entered into many chess databases due to their rejection of illegal positions."

Um I don't have a fide rating of 1200-1600(I am a 1021) and my lichess rating also does not fall between 1200-1600(1801 in rapid and 1757 in blitz) and you said that you created the study only for those who fall within that rating range...
(Just joking. I had a look at it. It's nice)

Added Blackburne's mate, Pillsbury's mate and an interesting exercise (Exercise 2-4).