Chess Stories Series.

- KATG in an attempt to inspire our chess community in here, we created this project of sharing inspiring chess stories by anyone from lichess community in a form of interview.

- The idea is that if you have a chess related life story that you feel might inspire our chess community in here by sharing it with all of us kindly post a #ChessStories in the comment section below and we will contact you soon for an interview.

- This project is series based one , means, every week we chose one different story from the list of stories we collect.

PS : Any comment that doesn't include #ChessStories will not be taken into consideration, so be sure to add the # so that we won't miss it.

- Looking forward to work with all of you in here !

_______________________________😎Stay Kool And Keep Up The Good Work Everyone👊_______________________________


@AnatolijKasparov thank you sir for your positive feedback , i hope this as well , im sure many have so many great and inspiring stories , maybe they are just shy a bit we will :)

Anyone with interesting chess story friends ? :D


The story of how chess helped me get my life back under control.