Chess rating vs Self-esteem

A chess rating gives me a sense of my chess abilities.

I get great pleasure solving (by my self) rated chess puzzles. I feel a sense of accomplishment and the bonus is the rating.

Basically, it feels like I earned my puzzle rating. It now motivates me to learn and do more. Chess puzzles is my chess confidence builder.

When I loose too many chess games, I usually turn to chess puzzles to rebuild my self-esteem, but if I also do poorly in the puzzles, I'll leave it all for another day.

Even if I do puzzles, I still feel the need to play chess. It puts everything into perspective. Pops my bubble when it gets too inflated.

Try to get a title! A nice memory that lasts forever. :)

Self esteem affects our games. If our confidence is not balanced with our rating, all the results will be negative.
To gain confidence, I looked into my profile and pressed chess insight. I then clicked on
"What is the Win-Rate of my favorite opening as white?"
I discovered my strengths and weaknesses. The opening C44 King's Pawn Game, I lost 43.0% of them, drew 6.6% and won 50.4% of the games. That was nice to see that I had one that was over the 50% mark. I expected to see at least one over 50% because I normally play players around my rating level.

The clock settings indicate an expected Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, or Classical game.
The opponent that agrees to that pace, expects as an example ... to enjoy a classical game.
What a disappointment ... to discover that his opponent is blitzing through the game.
Others then search for classical rated players, in hope of finding an opponent equal to their classical rating.

If we play at a pace that actual finishes the game with more clock time than we started, then the game was played way too fast. This type of experience affects also a persons sense of accomplishment. They did not play out the games at the expected speed. They now have an under inflated rating in the classical section. To see a true classical rating in that section, we need to pace out the games. Maybe even have them sorted by speed results. Over time, the speed we play out our games will sooner or later affect our self esteem.


yes thats right, but as you say: when you getting crushed even by your beloved puzzles it could become from bad to worse very easily. When I am frustrated I am also bad in solving puzzles. Its hard to gain points at a certain level and very easy to throw them away. ;-)