Chess Progression

I have often found that my progression follows a pattern. I study and play games while keeping the same rating, more or less, and then after about a month I get a big rating bump between 50 and 100 points, then hover around that rating. I have played seriously for about 6 months, I’m rated about 1550 USCF. I was wondering how long it took all of you to progress, how your progression was, and how long you think it will take to reach various milestones in the future if I keep working hard at chess.

It is normal to get a delayed benefit from study: study needs some digestion time.
A normal progress rate is 100 rating/year.


There is data. 100 rating points progress per year is normal for youth players belonging to the circle of candidates for the adult national teams even in stronger chess nations.

My progress as 57yo till 62 was 40+ points per year over 5 years and it was over average of my trainers elder pupils.

Last year in my old account i was around 1700 in rapid here, then i joined a chess club in april, i have taken lessons from a candidate master and when i opened this new account in november i was around 1950, now i am 2100, so i gained 400 points in 16 months at 30 years old.

As someone already said, to see the effects of studying in your rating it might take some time. There is a bid difference between studying something in a therotical basis and applying it in an actual game. For example you might be able to solve difficult tactics when you know there is a tactical opportunity available (eg tactics trainer on lichess) but it is a lot different to find them in an actual game where no-one warns you that there is a tactical pattern. It needs practice and experience to be able to do so. If you would like to get the best out of your time spent studying chess, I would strongly suggest that you contact a coach. That way you can get someoner more experienced than you to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you focus on them with a designed training program. Feel free to message me if you are interested in coaching :)


Yes. But 400 rapid points here aren't comparable to 400 Elo FIDE. And without any offense intended, is the rapid rating here easier to get than otb. On my level, rapid ~2200 it's blunderchess.

The difference between 1700 and 1800 is much smaller, than the difference between 2100 and 2200. You can compare this to runnung 100m in 18 secs. A healthy adult will manage with some training to do this in 17 secs. in some weeks or months. Making it from 11 secs ot 10 secs is another league.


when i played for the first times on the club last year i was much weaker than grade b in classical otb (1600-1800 fide), now i am stronger than most of grade a (1800-2000).
I estimate i was about 1550 fide then and 1950 now on long time control game, so it applies the same growth


Interesting, really.

Can you tell something more? What were your training methods? Which experience with chess and strategy games did you have before this year?

As I read a lot about training and thinking everything teaching me something is accepted with joy.

@jupp53 as i work at home, i had much time to watch many youtube videos on chess while doing my job (by finegold, eric rosen, seraiwan, maestro giuseppe tarascio etc).through all this period. In 7 months of lessons with the candidate master (2 hours a week) i studied endgames, the opening sicilian taimanov with all the main variations, and discuss with him on strategy and analysis of the games i played in 2 tournaments. For the tactics i smashed my head against the tactics trainer here on lichess (4419 puzzles by now in 10 months). Before having joined the club and have taken the game more seriously, i was only playing rarely and only with the knowledges my father gave me when he teached me how to play as a kid.