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  3. chess paralysis

I have just played a blitz game, nothing special but I think I had a slight advantage. I got to the point where I just couldn't find a productive move, I watched my time tick away for half a minute or so and then just gave up. Not the right thing to do of course but nothing at all was coming to mind, not even a pointless pawn push. Does anybody else ever find themselves in this situation?

Next time, try to find ANY weakness in your opponent's position and work towards it.

You have to make your own in chess as in life...

@toastjuggler move some piece even if it's the king, your opponent can make a mistake in his next move. Leaving a game just for that to be uncompetitive

To avoid getting in a jam like that here is the best advice I can give:

1) Don't just hang pieces for nothing.

2) When you see a good move, look for a better one.

3) Be aware of your opponents threats, and plans. Stop them.

4) Find your least happy piece, and give it something to do.

Try to study the main possible defenses your opponent can choose to your opening choice, to know the general paths, that will help you to develop your pieces in such moments. If it's a different game and you are kind of lost, just push a pawn or move the king, try to "pass" your turn.

@lurarose just gave good tips to follow, before choosing to pass the turn.

@toastjuggler #1
Yes, every now and then I find myself in a position where I feel paralysed and not being able to make a move, but ... this is always in lost positions. It does not happen very often that it occurs in a somewhat better position. What does happen to me as well that there's better to won positions where there's an almost overwhelming amount of options that it is "easy" to lose time by trying to come up with the best move.

I only find myself with no good move when the position is drawn, or I'm losing badly. Study games of masters, especially when they play you opening/defense, and learn what plans they adopt.

@toastjuggler #1
Here an example were I felt frozen for a while. Better to winning it seems like for white, but how to continue ? During part of the game I failed to find a good plan.

sometimes when i play chess while smoking some weed i get more creative. i DO NOT recommend that, but the higher the dose, the higher the rating! hope it helps. ;)

@jtfisico Really? I think it is just pot luck.

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